Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesterday evening...

Yesterday evening, I was walking home from the park when suddenly...I heard someone calling, "Chubbocks, Chubbocks". I went to see who it was. They were my friends calling for me.

They had troubled me and I thought they wanted to apologise. I went close. But no. They troubled me more and more. I told them I was going to tell my mom.

I started walking homewards. They followed me and said sorry and I went home.

My Imaginary Garden

In my garden, there are flowers made of chocolate. The gate is made of bubblegum and jujubes. The grass is made of chicken sausages. The mud is made of ice cream and hot fudge sauce and sprinkles.

The trees are candy cane trees. The door is made of chocolate master III. The fruit bowl is made of sour bombs and warhead spray. Toy soldiers are standing on the secret hide-out in my garden. And there is a chicken reading a book too!

It is just surprising.

My vacation

My vacation in Goa was fun. I went parasailing and water-scooting, and there was a restaurant where we ate all our meals.

In Goa there was a beach. It was in front of our cottage. There was even a swimming pool there.

Goa is a fun place for a holiday. We stayed in Goa for one week.

There was a hammock in which we rested. I liked the room in which we stayed. It was a very cosy room.


Summer is a very hot season. People sweat and sweat. I also sweat in summer.

But it's a good season because in summer we can swim. In summer we have holidays from school. We can call over our friends to play too. In summer, the sun stays up for a longer time than in winter.

In summer, we can have things like mangoes and ice creams. We can have watermelons too. We get good strawberries. We can also look cool in sunglasses.

My Best Friend

My best friend is V. In most computer classes we both are very good partners. We have many playdates at each others house too. V has many fun toys. V is a slow runner. Even if I tell him I can make him run fast, he refuses to let me.

V made a fun world of WWE in which we don't need to join because we are already in it.